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The Perfect Sized guitar

In my experience, especially since I began fingerpicking I always look for good quality vintage guitars, Parlor guitars, OM, 000 or Grand Orchestra sized guitars. I find them the easiest to play especially for fingerpicking. These guitars are normally well build, many built with solid wood construction and most are amazing sounding with great tone.

Everyday Guitar Challenge

Now before you say, “yeah right”, this is not a challenge for you, it is a challenge for myself. What you need to do is to figure out your own guitar challenge. I consider myself to be very lucky that I can pick my guitar up everyday to play and practice. That only happened in the last six months as I was like most people and picked it up when I felt the urge. The point is that if you want to improve you will need to make goals and challenge yourself to meet them. It could be picking the guitar up three times a week and additionally sticking with your challenge will not only improve your playing but also enhance your enjoyment of playing too. Read more about practicing here.

Playing Guitar

My experience with learning and growing my guitar playing. How to challenge yourself to make your playing better.
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Grand Concert – OM – 000 – Parlor Guitars

Perfect Size Guitars The Grand Concert and Parlor sized guitars are really the perfect size for many people. Easier to play because of their smaller size but many are made to give a louder or brighter tone which is especially good for fingerpicking. Browse the options for these guitars below.
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Grand Concert guitars
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Vintage Guitar Manufacturers

DaSaLu Artisans offering an ongoing resource of vintage guitar manufacturers.
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