Vintage Guitar Articles

14 Checks When Buying A Vintage Guitar When I look at buying a vintage guitar, or for that matter any guitar, there are 14 checks I make to ensure I can at least play the guitar, irregardless of the condition.

There are pros and cons to looking locally or looking online for a guitar. Buying a guitar from a local classified ad gives you the opportunity to inspect and play the guitar. And of course you get the chance to negotiate one on one. The only con is that some people are not comfortable negotiating but that gets easier the more you do it.

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5 Advantages Of Buying A Vintage Guitar If you have been playing guitar for awhile and are thinking about upgrading your present guitar, then may I suggest having a look at purchasing a vintage guitar. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you can get for the same money in a vintage instrument.

All you have to do is to attend kitchen parties, jams or open mikes, and pay attention to what type of guitars the players are using.

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