Valco Guitars

The National-Dobro Corporation was founded 1934 merging the National and Dobro companies. In 1942 the company was renamed to Valco.

Many of the amplifiers they produced would have the “Valco” name somewhere on the control panel but was never used as a brand name. National and Supro were the two brands owned by Valco and all guitars and amplifiers sold under these brands were manufactured by Valco.

The company built instruments for other brands such as Gretsch, Vega, Airline, Oahu and Silvertone. Harmony, Kay, Regal and Gibson produced bodies of hollow body and acoustic guitars. Kay guitars was bought out by Valco in 1967. Thee was a short period of time where the Kay brand appeared on Valco built instruments, but this ended when Valco declared bankruptcy in 1968.

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