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Kay, Kay Kraft and Kamico were a result of the Groeshl Instrument Company of Chicago.

In 1921 the company became Stromberg-Voisinet and in 1931 it became Kay Musical Instruments. Stromberg-Voisinet, not to be confused with Stromberg archtop guitars, rarely sold guitars under their own name but sold them to a variety of brands. Kay manufactured a wide variety of instruments of various quality.

Their pre-war acoustics especially were high-end instruments and are highly sought-after today. By the 1960s they were manufacturing primarily entry level instruments and a few mid-range models as well. Kay manufactured guitars for other brands such as Oahu, Airline, Silvertone and National. Kay was bought by Valco in 1967 and went out of business in 1968. Beware that Kays from the 1980s on have no relation to the original Kay brand instruments.

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