Guitar Restoration and Rescue

framus restoration Framus Restoration

This guitar was very typical of an instrument that was left laying around for year. It was full of paint marks and spots and it was very dirty, full of grease.

This guitar was made in West Germany in the 60s and is a part of history. You can visit the Framus site, buy vintage parts and read the history of the guitar, that was played by many well know guitar players including John Lennon.

Please note that guitars are cleaned to keep the vintage look of the guitar as you can see with the scratches on the right. Sometimes they are just part of the vintage of the instrument.

It was completely cleaned and professionally set up and is now my finger picking guitar. Sounds beautiful!

aria restoration Aria Restoration

This guitar belongs to my son’s girlfriend and was laying around for the last sixteen years or so. It was banged up pretty bad and full of grease and paint.

This Aria circa 2000 has built in electronics which is nice. It was just above entry level when new. Like cars vintage doesn’t mean much when condition is not good. It did survive in not too bad condition but has a number of dings on the front. Sometimes restoring an instrument back to original isn’t worth it. But a good cleaning, fret polishing and new strings makes it at least playable.

aria pan restoration Pan (Aria) Restoration

This Pan by Aria is a 70s guitar in great shape, I love the sound of it. The bridge however was lifting quite a bit. You can see in the pic that it is quite flat now.

The process took about a month. I removed the strings and bridge, hydrated the guitar for about two weeks with a little pressure on the buldge in the top. I increased the pressure slightly every other day. Then I left it in the case for about two weeks with a little pressure on the buldge. Once the buldge in the top flattened as flat as it would go I added a JDL bridge doctor, glued the bridge back on and restrung it. It is almost as good as new, and sounds sweet.