Cigar Box Guitars

The popularity of Cigar Box guitars over the last five years has been phenomenal and the best part is that you can make your own at home, totally unique to you. Or, you can head on over to Reverb to check out ones for sale.
What you will find here are some examples of the ones I have made, plans to make your own, links to parts and links to how to play tutorials.
Right now I have turned my interests to Kumiko (Japanese woodworking), but I still have more CB guitars I want to make.
Enjoy the resources.

>> Examples

Following are just a few of the many cigar box guitars I have made. Still have the “Tim’s” to play. I’ll be back with more to sell in the near future.

in remembrance In Remembrance (Not For Sale) – made in remembrance of my dad and father in law.
Not for sale
More about this guitar.

the tim's The Tim’s made from a “Roll Up The Rim” sign. Enquiries welcome.
More about this guitar.

the unicorn The Butterfly One – hand painted by my wife, walnut for the fingerboard from my other son the furniture maker.
Sold out – custom orders taken

the admiral radio The Admiral Radio – is made from an old Bakelite Admiral tube radio.
Sold out – custom orders taken
More about this guitar.

the turbo action hockey game The Turbo Action Hockey – is made from a Turbo Action Hockey game I found on the side of the road.
Sold out – custom orders taken
More about this guitar.

the maxx The MAXX – is made from the MAXX wooden cigar box, higher end cigars.
Sold out – custom orders taken



Cigar Box Guitars on Reverb

Check out prices for cigar box guitars on Reverb

>> Cigar Box Guitar Parts & Accessories

For Cigar Box guitar parts including Pickups, Pickguards, Bridges, Necks, Tailpieces, Bridge Pins, Bass Guitar Parts, Knobs, Guitar Bodies, Tuning Heads, Acoustic Pickups, Replacement Speakers, Amp Parts, Tubes, Bass Pickups, Pedal Parts and more… 

>> Cigar Box Guitar – Make Your Own

For making Cigar Box guitars including Design and Decoration, Electronics, Pickups and Wiring, Fretting, Necks & Headstocks, Other Hardware How-To, Tuners and Tunings and Strings, check out Cigar Box Guitars – How To Build

>>Cigar Box Guitar – How To Play

If you really want to learn how to play Cigar Box guitar you will want to check out Cigar Box Guitars – How To Play