Artisan Products & Services

A family of artisans that have many talented friends, as well as the most unique and high standard products and services from Nova Scotia artisans. Thank you for dropping by, enjoy the art and stay safe.
Acrylic Art on Canvas
Judy Power has focused her talents on acrylic painting and has a variety of subject matters in her works.
Find information on Vintage, Om, Grand Concert and Parlor guitars including a glossary of guitar manufacturers, and where to get that special and easy to play smaller guitar.
Custom Furniture
Ted Power provides traditional, quality constructed and unique furniture made the way the furniture masters made theirs years ago, and providing custom high end mill work.
Custom Knives
Mike Power is providing even more of this talents in his forge with the production of handmade knives for sport, work or for the kitchen.
Kumiko & Shoji
Rupe Power will be turning his attention Japanese traditional woodworking with handmade Kumiko combined with Shoji functional art pieces.
Photography On Canvas
Pat Charlton has added another talent to his portfolio with quality and unique photography on canvas.
Clare Power has taken her pottery skills to new levels and will be offering showpiece and functional pottery in the near future.
Tattoo & Flash Prints
Mike Power master tattooist is booking appointments as well as providing unique flash art pieces in the tradition of the tattoo world.
Bev Charlton is turning out beautiful functional weaving products from her loom.
Madison Law offers Esthetics in the true meaning of the word, "Dealing with the nature of beauty and taste, as well as the philosophy of art in skin care".
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