The Turbo Action Hockey (sold out)

The Turbo Action Hockey is made from a Turbo Action Hockey game I found on the side of the road.

This guitar has a cool sound, more like a banjo. I used an old table top hockey player from the 70’s, a California Golden Seal player.

It also has some other hockey memorabilia as well. All guitars are made with a one piece neck, if possible. I have been making the nut and bridge out of a hard plastic they use for small hockey sticks.

Features Include:

– Delta Blues single coil pickup, tone and volume
– Fretted with medium/medium frets
– Open gear tuners
– Walnut finger board

– Poplar molded neck
– .044, .034, .026 strings
– Tuned to EBE – 24 1/2″ scale length
– Easy string change

Sale Price
$165 (Sold Out)

If you have a design in mind for a special gift contact me. I can make a guitar out of just about anything.


– Pickups can be swapped out for another type upon request.
– Guitars can be fretted or fretless

I make all my guitars with the following.

4 Pole Single Coil Pickup

This is a four-pole single-coil enclosed pickup, originally intended for bass guitars, but also perfect for Cigar Box Guitars!

The enclosed design helps disguise any pole/string line-up mismatches, which makes for a much classier look.

These pickups are rated at 7.75kOhms of resistance.

Medium/Medium Fret Wire

It is designated as "medium/medium" due to the standard, mid-range crown width, crown height and "tang" depth.

This is premium nickel-silver fretwire, identical to what Stewart-MacDonald sells as their #148, so you know it's quality!

This is the most popular size of fret wire, and is used on many instruments by big-name companies such as Martin, Gibson and Fender.

Open Gear Tuners
Southbound Strings

These strings are intended for tuning to one of the following tunings:

High Open G - Middle D, Middle G, Middle B, High D
"Standard Guitar" - Middle D, Middle G, Middle B, High E (same as the 4 highest-pitched strings on a standard guitar)
Middle Open D - Middle D, Middle F#, Middle A, High D

#1 - .034" Bronze Wound
#2 - .026" Bronze Wound
#3 - .017" Plain Steel
#4 - .013" Plain Steel