>> Grand Concert Guitars

The perfect size for most people and many are very well made with Mahogany, Cedar or Spruce construction.

>> Parlor Guitars

Smaller than a grand concert size they were used mainly by women back in the day to play at home.

>> Players Stool

Ted Power, Kinburn St. Furniture has designed a plyers stool for the serious player with a few wood choices and made to fit you.

>> Cigar Box Guitars

Cigar Box guitars are hot and you can make one at home and as well find plans, examples, parts and how to play resources.

>> Vintage Guitar Articles

My take on buying and playing vintage guitars.

>> On Playing – Articles

How I improved and how I restored my love of playing.

>> Vintage Guitar Repair & Restoration

Some guitars don’t loo like much when you first see them but with a little TLC, you may find a gem.

>> Guitar Manufacturers and Guitar Examples

Just a small sample of the guitar manufacturers.

>> Guitar Accessories

Find the parts and accessories you need to maintain, repair or restore your guitars.