DaSaLu artisans are makers of Cigar Box Guitars and guitar restorationists..

DaSaLu is short for our granddaughters Dali, Sadie and Lucy. No more grand kids coming so the name is pretty safe.

Rupe Power Maker of cigar box guitars. “I like to make guitars out of things people wouldn’t even think of for a guitar.” If you have something in mind that would make a guitar contact me.

All of family are artisits in different art forms:

My wife of 45 years, Judy is a painter, painting nature, birds, etc.

My son Mike is a renowned tattooist and makes hand made knives. Mike owns and operates Daggers Cove Tattoo with shops in Lunenburg, and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

My son Ted is a talented furniture maker and designer. Ted loves to make furniture, chairs and tables in his shop in Mahone, Bay Nova Scotia.

My daughter in law Clare is a pottery maker. You can find Clare and her kiln in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.

Please contact us if you have any question, comments or custom orders.